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joe romeo

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Three Things I liked This Week

I liked Carey Nieuwhof's interview with Rich Villodas. I thought Rich Villodas shared a number of good insights on why we're witnessing so many scandals among evangelical leaders. I liked---loved!---this line from Spurgeon's August 3rd devotional: The Lord Jesus is...

Why No Podcast?

My Idea That Went Nowhere I pondered starting a podcast during the pandemic. I decided on the name Ordinary Pastor. My plan was to interview . . . wait for it . . . ordinary pastors. I wanted to create a venue where ordinary pastors, serving in smaller or...

Embracing Our Given Life

Jenny disliked her job at the local bank. The work was monotonous, her boss was overbearing, and the pay left much to be desired. She wanted more out of life. With a cloud of despairing weariness settling in over her head, and a heart that was souring with each...


I’m a servant of Jesus Christ, married to my lovely bride, Debra, and father of three children: Anthony, Jacelyn, and Dominick.

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