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joe romeo

pastor / teacher / writer


40 Lessons Learned in 40 Years of Life

I turned forty last Thursday. I know, whoopty do. But I've been contemplating some of the most significant lessons I've learned along the way. And so I wrote them down in no particular order. Here they are: 1. I am a sinner in need of a Savior. 2. Jesus is the only...

The Beautiful Letdown: My Story of Grace

Note: A few weeks ago, Pastor Vinnie shared his testimony. In his introduction, he encouraged us to become more vulnerable and open about our struggles. This is my attempt at sharing a glimpse of my story.  My friend Jason and I used to say he was harder to reach...

Favorite Books of 2022

Rather than provide you a list of my top ten books of the year, here are my favorite books of 2022 from four different categories---Theological, Devotional, Pastoral, and Recreational. I’ll make a few comments on each one as we go. And I'll apologize in advance for...


I’m a servant of Jesus Christ, married to my lovely bride, Debra, and father of three children: Anthony, Jacelyn, and Dominick.

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