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As we head into Christmas week, I encourage you to meditate on this prayer below by Herman Witsius (1636–1708):

Christ Jesus, you are true and eternal God, and true and holy man–all in one. You retain the properties of both natures in the unity of your person.


We acknowledge you, and we worship you. We come to you and fall at your feet. We look for salvation from your hand alone.


You are the only Savior. We desire to be your exclusive property. We are by your grace, and will remain that way forever.


Let the whole world of your elect, with us, know, acknowledge, and adore you, and thus finally be saved by you.


This is the sum total of our faith and hope. This is the height of all our wishes. Amen.

Source: Robert Elmer, ed. Piercing Heaven: Prayers of the Puritans.