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  1. Since Carl Trueman is one of my favorite writers, it’s no surprise that I like his article over at World Opinions, titled, “The Third Great Awakening?”


2. I liked the following section of Charles Spurgeon’s sermon, “Israel’s God and God’s Israel“:

“Christian, stand you to your God. Be it your life to live for Him that made you, to live in Him that bought you, to live with Him that chose you, to live like Him who lived and died for you. You shall find that such an object of life will satisfy all the powers and passions of your soul, for to this end your soul was formed and suited. You shall run in this race without weariness, and walk without fainting, and if you get the prize, it is one that shall not wither in your hand like the ivy wreath of Greece, or like the laurel crown of Rome, decay upon your brow, for you shall win a crown of life that fades not away.”

3. I “liked” Marilynne Robinson’s observation in The Death of Adam: Essays on Modern Thought that cynicism pervades our current cultural moment. We assume the worst of everybody. (I put the word liked in quotes because it’s lamentable. But I want to share it here so that we repent quickly when we’re guilty of what Robinson describes.)

“When a good man or woman stumbles, we say, ‘I knew it all along,’ and when a bad one has a gracious moment, we sneer at the hypocrisy. It is as if there is nothing to mourn or to admire, only a hidden narrative now and then apparent through the false, surface narrative. And the hidden narrative, because it is ugly and sinister, is therefore true” (78).

Kyrie Eleison