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I liked Carey Nieuwhof’s interview with Rich Villodas. I thought Rich Villodas shared a number of good insights on why we’re witnessing so many scandals among evangelical leaders.

I liked—loved!—this line from Spurgeon’s August 3rd devotional:

The Lord Jesus is not limited in His power or restricted in His mission. He is so prolific in grace that, like the sun that shines as it rolls onward in its orbit, His path is radiant with loving-kindness. He is a swift arrow of love that not only reaches its ordained target but perfumes the air through which it flies. Virtue is always going out of Jesus, just as sweet fragrance exudes from flowers; and it will always be emanating from Him, like water from a sparkling fountain.

I liked this line from Mary Oliver’s poem “Just Lying on the Grass at Blackwater”:

I have not done a thousand things
or a hundred things but, perhaps, a few.

May the Lord help me accept my own limitations!